Burj Khalifa Tour

Price AED 150
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Burj Khalifa Tour

AED 150 per person

Burj khalifa is by far the tallest building on the earth; holding a number of records as tallest building in the world, tallest free standing structure in the world, highest no. of stories in the world, highest occupied floor in the world, highest observation desk in the world etc…. which makes Burj Khalifa the pride of Dubai. Ever dreamt of taking an areal selfie of dubai? Burj khalifa is the cheapest option. Get a tour to the world renowned Burj Khalifa with ABA tourism as  you enter the swift elevator as you go up to  124th floor in less than a minute or even higher to 148th  floor, which houses the sky lounge and the worlds highest observation desk. A multimedia presentation portraying the history of Dubai as well as the fascinating aspect of Burj Khalifa’sconstruction is also part of your tour.  Witnessing sunset at this height is a next level experience you can get as this time being the peak time, is always filled with tourists to witness the sunset and take a photo which lasts in their eternal memory.

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