Sky Diving

Price AED 1800
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Sky Diving

AED 1800 per person

Now comes the most adventurous, adrenaline pumping sport ever in the world. Sky diving…!! Experience a breathtaking free-fall through the skies of Dubai at the iconic Palm Jumeirah or over the Arabian desert. The glorious year long sunny weather makes the skydiving all season adventurous sport for the tourists.

Have no experience of sky diving?? Don’t worry, the instructors will guide you through the whole process including a demonstration before even setting a foot on a plane.  In Dubai, there are two diving zones and skydives at the palm happen from 13000 feet and at the desert – from 12500 feets. With the most advanced equipments and parachutes, suited up with harness, helmet, goggles and helmets – you can be assured that you will be well taken care of all throughout your flying experience. This includes the pictures and videos of your flying will be handed over to you in a USB, which you can save to ponder to rest of your life.  

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