Miracle Garden

Price AED 65
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Miracle Garden

AED 65 per person

Miracle garden is a wonder land in dubai, where you get to see flowers as far as your eyes can see. This actually a floral wonder which spreads over 72000 square meter , which is designed with identifiable structures fully made up of flowers where you will immerse yourself with more than 50 million blooming flowers throughout the different exhibits.

There are plenty of attractions to see including heart shaped pathway , pyramids , full sized houses, Airbus 380 super jumbo aircraft etcEnjoy the outdoor water pools, flower decked vintage vehicles, different shaped walkways, paths covered with magnificent mini umbrellas, and some unbelievably amazing designs that refresh your mind, body and soul.

Another great feature to see is the butterfly garden, home for 15000 butterflies in 9 custom built domes.

Come enjoy a day with tour family and friends to visit this wonderland through ABA Tourism

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