Overnight Desert Safari

Price AED 250
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Overnight Desert Safari

AED 250 per person

Ever dreamt of a night with your family elope from all the chaos, chirping and disturbing atmosphere of your city life? How about a place which is all surrounded by night and not a single human being around for kilometers – all but your family, open air, the sky filled with billions of stars, a full moon smiling at you, with a tad breeze patting your hair…  romantic…!!! Isn’t it??  This is what Dubai’s over night desert safari is famous for – with ABA Tourism you get an opportunity enjoy a night in the desert with a plethora of activities the company has packed into each of its various overnight desert safari packages, such as its signature dune bashing and sand boarding, where explorers will travel in style and drive around in a luxury Range Rover as they check out the local wildlife in their natural habitat.

Enjoy an exclusive or shared pickup in a well maintained 4×4 transport. Followed by the awe famous  dune bashing by our experienced 4×4 driver, you will ride high and low  through sand dunes – through the endlessly vast desert landscape.  After the adrenaline pumping experience you will get a chance feel the desert somewhere in the middle of the desert where you can take photos, sand boarding, camel riding, quad biking, buggy and lot more entertaining games..  Follows  up a BBQ meal with soft drinks brimming  with authentic Emirati cuisine to fill the guests right up.

A brilliant falconry show follows, along with a nail-biting “Flaming Sands of Arabia” fire show. There’s also the option to get to the relaxing Bedouin camp in the traditional way, on the back of a camel, no less. Along with the option to get beautifully drawn henna tattoos and to lounge around under the glittering night sky, a true taste of luxurious Emirati culture awaits in the deserts of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

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